About me

I’m a cryptographer working at the chair of Andreas Hülsing and Tanja Lange at TU/e.

You can find me online on Reddit, GitLab and Github.

To contact me the easiest way is probably to send an E-Mail to mail@[this domain].


For me the word “published” implies open access when referring to scientific papers. If your paper is pay-walled, it is therefore by definition not published and you have only yourself to blame if I don’t cite you.

In cryptography specifically we have the IACR ePrint Archive, whose only requirement for acceptance is that the paper has to “look like a paper on cryptography”. If it isn’t there, I cannot help but wonder whether that is because it failed that most basic of tests, as there is no other valid reason for failing to do so. (All respectable venues allow to put a copy there, even if the wording may be non-obvious. But to be fair: Venues that don’t are pretty much non-respectable by definition.)